DB/ZDK  self-priming centrifugal pump


Product description:

DB/ZDK self-priming centrifugal miniature fresh water electric pump (hereinafter referred to as electric pump), mainly consists of three parts: motor, pump and seal. The motor is an asynchronous motor; the pump and the motor are equipped with a single end mechanical seal, and the fixed stop seal adopts "O" shaped oil-resistant rubber sealing ring as a static seal. This series of electric pumps is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, simple and convenient in installation, and it is an ideal high-efficiency and energy-saving household electric pump.

Product Usage:

Farm irrigation, sprinkler irrigation;
Garden sprinkler irrigation;
Vegetable greenhouse water supply;
Breeding industry water supply and drainage and wells with water;
Tap water pressurization and other domestic water occasions;

Conditions of Use:

The electric pump should be able to work continuously and normally under the following operating conditions.
1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed +40℃.
The pH value of the medium is between 6.5 and 8.5.
The volume ratio of solid impurities is not more than 0.1%, and the particle size is not more than 0.2mm.
4, the power supply frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is single-phase AC 220V, three-phase AC 380V, the voltage fluctuation range is rated ± 10%.

Product Details

Model Description:

Technical Parameters:

Model Power
Suction range
Piping size
1.5ZDK-type 20 1.5 18-25 10-20 6-8 220/380 40
2ZDK-type 20 1.5 18-25 10-20 6-8 220/380 50
25DB20-0.75 0.75 8 20 8-12 220/380 25
25DB20-1.1 1.1 8 20 8-12 220/380 25
40DB25-1.5 1.5 8-12 25-30 8-14 220/380 40
50DB30-2.2 2.2 20 30 8-14 380 50

Note: Synchronized speed: 3000 (r/min), using a power supply frequency of 50 (Hz).

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