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    provide reliable sewage pump products and sewage solutions.
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    multi- stage centrifugal pump
    Ideal new high-efficiency
    and energy-saving household pump
    full-head water pump.

About Wanke pump
Professional water pump manufacturer

Zhejiang Wanke Pump Technology Co., Ltd. is a powerful enterprise integrating the production, sales and scientific research of civil water pumps. The company has a long history and strong technical force.

Its main products are: sewage and sewage submersible pumps, QDX submersible pumps, jet pumps, Centrifugal pumps, cold and hot water intelligent booster pumps, etc., product specifications are complete, a wide range of farmland irrigation, garden sprinkler irrigation, underground water lifting, water tower water delivery, high-rise building water delivery, industrial and mining enterprises and other water supply and drainage…

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